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Signature Manager

Unsigned Orders Solution
The solution is designed to inform physicians of unsigned orders upon immediate sign-on in the Allscripts Clinical Manager application for clients with a 4.5 release. Functionality is upgradeable for 5.0.

This solution is capable of processing other business logic that needs to be invoked upon user logon.


MaineGeneral with an objects plus solution for physician's unsigned orders.

Orlando Health for their physicians and residents.


Within one week of implementation, signature compliance jumped from 56% to 77.62% at MaineGeneral.

Meditech Viewer

Pulls real time active medication orders and allergies from Meditch into SCM. Content is embedded in SCM - Not a separated window. Duplicate of what users are familiar with in Meditech Med Viewer.


Trillium Health Centre of Ontario Canada Integrated a patient's active medications and medication allergies residing in a Meditech pharmacy module into Allscripts Acute Care.

Allowed SCM caregivers to seamlessly view patient's active medications real-time as though if it was part of SCM tab views.

Medication Reconciliation Solution

Providing a medication reconciliation solution using Allscripts Clinical Manager Rx Writer in SCM 4.5.

This solution calls a custom Objects Plus tab in SCM which does a side by side comparison of current/active medications and Rx Writer's medication orders (Home Medications). At the bottom portion of the screen, it displays DC'd orders.


User can modify current Rx Writer medication or create new outpatient medication (prescription). Adding or discontinuing a medication in this view panel, will automatically refresh and show the latest information.

Allows for a side-by-side comparison of patient's current /active medications, DC'd orders and home medications. Users no longer need to toggle between different windows thus reducing time and increase productivity and accuracy.

ER Custom Coding Solution
(Objects Plus)

We specialize in creating custom coding that seamlessly integrates with your current systems with full compliance and security and service.


MaineGeneral Emergency Room staff needed the ability to discharge their patient's visit from their ED Assessment and Intervention flowsheet.

Upon charting and saving the discharge observations in the disposition section of the Flowsheet, the patient's visit was automatically discharged and confirmation message displayed to the clinician of this action.

We also Offer

Training Database

Training data base from the Production environment without patients' specific data.

If training database has to be updated to the latest release of the production environment but the training staff do not want to loose all of their previous work, information is extracted from training database and re-loaded after the copy of the new database is in place.

Location Addition

Automating 'Adding Locations' to all transmission policies does not have to be a burden. Summ-IT has developed a mechanism to add a new location to all transmission policies at the press of a button.


Meets government Meaningful Use requirements and standards. Qualifies you to apply for government reimbursements.


SummLink - The process of transferring electronic information between health applications, EHRs,  Smart mobile devices and more,  is now simple and seamless with our interface engine.

Sunrise Clinical Manager Comparison tools Tired of spending time trouble shooting or comparing values line by line? Find out in seconds as opposed to hours/days what you're looking for with our environmental profile comparison tool.